Normani With the Mcclain sisters 

Normani With the Mcclain sisters 

Happy Easter!! Thank you for being amazing and making my dash hilarious and beautiful! I love you and your blog!
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i hope tellin me is as bonus or w/e but i really dont think it will match the album because with the previews we have so far the album has like a r&b vibe to it and tellin me will like kill it but as long as we have a studio version im fine tbh

I’ve been really, really, homesick and everything, like, being away from home, and just.. Just being here with you guys reminds me of being back at home, you guys reminds me of my little brothers and sisters cause I’m the oldest of 7, so.. Just being here, you guys really, really, inspired us and it pushes us to live our dreams even more, and your spirits are so bright. It’s hard for me to get chills and it’s hard for me to start crying when people sing, and right when you guys sing the song, I like, sob. My heart was pounding, I’m like ‘These kids are so awesome!’

New Song - Fifth Harmony